April 22, 2011

Moving at the Speed of Light

Things have certainly picked up here. Last week, Stephen and I decided on a house in Huntsville and arranged the move. Rachel and I will be out of NC this coming Wednesday. Crazy, I tell you, crazy. The movers arrive on Tuesday to pack up our things and they will ship out on Wednesday as well. Stephen is flying in Tuesday night just so he can fly back to Huntsville the next morning with Rachel. I will be in charge of driving the Honda down. Now, before you feel sorry for me, don't. I am looking forward to the 8 hours of being alone. I love to drive and this baby isn't making me uncomfortable yet so it should be a pretty smooth ride. Except for the AC in the car. Yeah, it's really broken this time. Our friend took a look at it today and declared it done with. I'll have to take it in to a real mechanic shop once I get down there.

I will be the last person in our house. I will get to see it all empty and lonely. I tend to project feelings on to inanimate objects and it frustrates the heck out of me. A house cannot feel right? It doesn't know it's not lived in or loved? Crap. I'm going to start to cry here. I think I may be insane. We are still holding out hope for someone to come along soon to rent it. We have had three people say they want to look and then cancel last minute. We have a property management group overseeing everything when we leave so that will be very helpful. Please send up a few good thoughts that someone rents our house. We would really appreciate it!

In Rachel news, she is growing up so fast. She is finally using her pointer finger to point at things (the fan in the ceiling, the picture on the wall, a face in a book) and it's so cool! We've been working on it pretty good this past week and it's paying off. She also really wants to use a fork but the forks I have are not easy for her (or I!) to use. I will need to get some new ones because I really think she will do fantastic with a fork. She gets so proud of herself when she gets something on the tongs and into her mouth. Rachel can now climb stairs like lightening. I can't take my eyes off her when we are downstairs because before I know it she's three steps up. She is really pushing herself to walk. Wow, she wants it so badly. She's up to about 5 steps before she gets unbalanced and falls but she'll get right back up and try again. I've also seen her turn direction while standing and not holding on to anything. That is not an easy feat. She is also getting in more teeth and mostly on the left side. She has her top and bottom two, one eye tooth on the left, one molar on the left and her two bottom molars on each side are working through. I'm hoping this is the reason for her cruddy moods lately because she's been very unhappy with something.
A non-cruddy mood day....

This Easter weekend we will spend with friends and on Monday one last hurrah with the mom's of the Ds group here in town. Everyone's coming over to our house for pizza. It's very surreal to say good-bye to people. This is the first time I have people that I'm really going to miss.

April 18, 2011

Take Me Out...

to the ball game! Our friend and her son (Mr. Jonas) called us up today and invited us to go with them to our local baseball team's afternoon game. It was a beautiful day, so of course we said yes! Rachel WAS NOT thrilled with the noise at first. I was super afraid we would have to leave but she soon warmed up and not only enjoyed the sun and atmosphere but even the wind. We had fun on the grass and playing with shadows. I didn't watch any of the game but it was fun hanging with my girl and my friend. Not too many days left like that for us here in Greensboro. We need to let them sink in while we can.
Enjoying the view

darn, pesky wind!

April 12, 2011

Taking Steps

Today, Rachel took 5 steps towards me before falling in to my arms. Our girl was a little stiff-legged but she tried her hardest and did it. You could just see the concentration in her face and the deliberateness in her movements. She wants to walk so badly and she doesn't just give up. Rachel will stop a foot away from where ever she wants to go and take steps on purpose. She could just crawl to where she needs to go but she stands up and walks. I love that girl and her determination. She is going to conquer this world.

April 7, 2011

Living in the Land of Nothing

Since January 1st, Stephen has been living in Huntsville without us. Or, we've been living in NC without him. Either way you say it, it sucks. This move to Huntsville has been long and full of road blocks. We've been having issues with our house in NC. It's not selling. In the beginning of March we decided to try and lease it. So far, we've had no luck with that. This weekend Rachel and I traveled to Huntsville to visit Stephen and to look for a place to live. Out of the 5 houses we chose to look at, 3 of them had rented before we even had a chance to see them. The only house we liked that we saw ended up having not only an offer put in on it, but a person was interested in leasing it too. We hit a dead end. It's now up to Stephen to find a new place and it needs to be done quickly. The apartment he is currently in is being paid for by his new place of work. The lease ends the end of April. We are getting down to the wire and I'm tired of waiting. I'm in the middle of nothing. I need to find all these new doctors and friends and things to do but I can't. I have all these doctors and friends and things to do in NC but I feel like I already am living with one foot out the door. This new baby makes things all the more urgent. I want to be settled someplace with a nursery ready. I hate living in limbo.

***a happier post will be coming later, I promise.