September 30, 2011

Roughing It

Nope, we aren't camping. Camping would be a dream vacation right now compared to what's been going on at our house. Little Charlie is not improving on the formula for milk allergies. If anything, he's gotten worse. He cries when you hold him and he cries when you put him down. It takes an army to get him to nap or sleep. Seriously, I have to swaddle, shake and swing him all while stomping around in the bathroom with the fan turned on. That is the only thing that works. He can't be held and just fall asleep on you after eating like a normal child would. We are both mentally and physically exhausted. The pediatrician has ordered a stool sample. We should get those results back next week. He suggested a possible cause for Charlie's issues but I don't want to go into anything until we have definite answers. Until then, please keep him in your thoughts. We need a break and he needs a break. I would like to enjoy just holding him instead of bouncing all around while we both cry.

September 22, 2011

Helping in the Kitchen

My mom came to visit for a week and just left yesterday. Rachel and Charlie got to spend lots of time with her and mom really helped out with them and making some yummy dinners! Here Rachel is helping her prep for one of those meals. She really likes to stir! :)

taste testing

September 19, 2011

The Birthday Girl

And to think we were so full of sorrow when we found out she had Down syndrome in the days before her birth. It makes me sad that my heart was so heavy on what should have been such a happy day. Life certainly did not end when she was born. It seems that it really just began.

Celebrating 2 Years

Today, Rachel girl is 2 years old. It's been two years since that terrifying day. Two years since I first saw her profile as I laid on the operating table. Two years since our lives changed forever. We love you sweet girl...through your tantrums, your evil laughs as you get into something you shouldn't, your smiles that light up the room and your wonderful hugs...every little piece. Happy Birthday.

September 17, 2011

Special Child?

Here I thought we would only have one "special" child. Little Mr. Fussy Pants in the above pictures has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy/ intolerance. He is now on expensive Nutramegen formula for that and Prevacid for reflux (like his big sister). After a little over a week of this combo he is a much happier man...except for the dreaded 7pm slot. Ugh. I think all of the entertainment of the day gets him then and he is just hard to calm and get to sleep. He is starting to do better at night when we are sleeping and is stretching his bottle feedings to 3 hours finally. Yay! He also has started to smile. I can't always get him to do it but, wow, what a cutie he is going to be!

Rachel has seriously grown up before my eyes. Having Charlie has made me see what a big girl she truly is. She looks so grown to me and is so much heavier than I remember when ever I pick her up. I think I forgot to mention that she is finally on a straw cup and off bottles. She switched a couple months ago. I love watching her drink from it. It just amazes me to see this little normal toddler activity that she worked so hard to do. My favorite part of the day is when she sits in her little chair to watch Baby Einstein with her afternoon snack and water. She just lounges in the chair eating corn puffs and laughing at the screen. I want to remember things like this forever.

September 11, 2011


Ah, it's been tough here these last couple of days. Charlie is not a happy boy. He hasn't been the easiest baby since he's been born but his fussiness has reached new levels. He will not lay down at night to sleep. He will only sleep in our arms or in the boppy pillow on our bed between us. I am thinking it is reflux related but the meds the doctor has given us are not helping. He is also dealing with some horrible gas issues and seems to work really hard to poo. We have also been watching his temperature. It's been 99. 6 or so since Friday night. Tomorrow, I will be at the pediatricians again (The forth time in 2 weeks) and hopefully the doctor will be able to help us out. Stephen and I are exhausted and poor Rachel girl isn't getting the attention she needs these days on top of having ear infections of her own.

What? I'm not supposed to sit in this?

Rachel and I did have a nice mom and daughter morning on Saturday. We went and got her haircut, to the park and then to Babies R Us for some shopping. I love spending time with just my girl and I know she loves it too. Today, she went grocery shopping with her dada and spread her charm at Target. She just loves to sit in the shopping cart and smile at everyone. I never leave Target without at least one comment about how cute she is.
The serious face...the one we usually get
hum...think they have the same profile??

Overall, I think we are both overwhelmed right now. I keep waiting for things to turn...for Charlie to stop crying as much, for him to sleep more than a couple hours at a time, for some kind of routine, for Rachel to get more attention...but right now, I'm not seeing the end of the tunnel.

September 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. I forgot to mention that when Charlie was born and they brought him over to me for the first time, he quieted when he heard the sound of my voice. Neatest. Thing. Ever.

2. Rachel masted the straw cup a couple weeks ago. Well, she could always do it but didn't want to. I finally bit the bullet and took away all her bottles and just gave her the straw cups. Surprise, she hasn't missed them.

Yes, I'm still in PJ's...but the kids are dressed!
3. Rachel had her annual eye exam last week which required me to get myself and the two kids to the doctors office by 8am. ACK! But, we made it and Rachel doesn't need glasses (for now). We won't have to worry about going back for another 18 months unless something comes up!

4. We have had a cold circling through our home. It started with Rachel, went to Charlie, then Stephen and now I have it. Fun. It's still summer! Where did we get this?

5. WVU football season has begun!

6. Rachel no longer cries when Charlie cries!! This is HUGE!! She still seems unsure but is quick to bounce back when he stops. YAY!

7. Rachel has outgrown a lot of her 12 month clothes. Looks like we'll be entering fall and winter in brand new 18 month big girl clothes to go along with her now "giant" size 4 shoes. Whoot! The little man is going to be towering over her pretty quickly, I'm afraid.