February 29, 2012

First Tooth!

After about 4 days of crazy, crabby Charlie, his first tooth popped through on Sunday. Looks like Rachel is going to have to keep her fingers out of his mouth from now on!

February 28, 2012

All in the Wrist

This is my baby eating cheerios and milk with a spoon. My heart bursts with pride as I look at this picture. Life is so much sweeter when you have to wait for things.

Let's Find Her a Home

This little girl, Megan, needs a home.

She has had so many donations and almost has a full grant for her adoption and yet, no one has come forward to offer her a loving home. She has been transferred to an adult mental institution and will not last long there. Please, my blogging friends, I don't normally do this but I am begging you to spread the word about this little girl. Please post on your blogs, on your facebook or tweet it out. I know our family is not in the position to be her family but I wish we were. She looks so sad and I want her to know happiness in this life.

February 26, 2012


When I had Rachel, I figured I would be the one who would have to be fearless. I would have to put away my doubts about what she could do. I would have to champion for her rights. In my head, she was the one who needed to be protected. I never thought about Rachel being the fearless one.

But she is. At the park today, she was happy climbing up the stairs of a play set to the top of the tall slides and going down them. Until a little boy came by and climbed up the "rock face" that is attached to the same play set. She saw that and didn't even stop to think, "maybe this will be hard?" or "what if I fall?", she just wanted to climb it too. I had to swallow my fear of heights to help my girl climb that wall. She got to the top and guess what she did...she went down the stairs to climb up the wall again.

I was wrong on who needed to take care of who. She is here to help me conquer my fears. Rachel is the fearless one.

February 24, 2012

And This Little Piggy...

smashed himself into a bench and cried "crap, crap, crap" all the way home.

And I wonder where Rachel gets her "klutz" from.

February 21, 2012

Moving On Up

Rachel has graduated to eating at the table. No more tray for her! And she does better than I expected. She doesn't toss her plate on the floor or even the food on the floor. She likes to take a piece of food and then push her plate away from her like it's crowding her. I think it's hilarious. It's so neat to see her sit at the table and it makes me proud. I wanted a nice photo of her but you can see she wasn't ready for her picture to be taken. I guess she is getting so old that she is starting to want to get out of her jammies "and put her face on" first!

February 13, 2012

Chunky Charlie

Mr. Charlie is 6 months old and is as big as your average one year old! LOL!
His measurements at the doctors office today were 28 inches long and 23 pounds! He's a big load of squishiness and I love it. Happy 1/2 a year "little" man!

February 9, 2012


watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Rachel girl is always on the move. If she isn't, then she is asleep. Cuddling on the couch isn't something she does often but when she is willing, you can bet I take her up on it.

Rachel has gotten quite attached to Charlie. Her favorite thing to do is to sit behind him while he's sitting on the floor. Sometimes she gives him a pat or a hug. Sometimes she tries to give him toys to play with. But most of the time she is just being a great big sister.

And Mr. Charlie thinks his big sister hung the moon.

February 4, 2012

The Face

As usual, little man is the complete opposite of his sister when it comes to food. Rachel loved "real" food from the start but he really hasn't found something he likes yet. We've tried rice cereal, green beans, peas and carrots. All have been met by this face...

Something tells me this will not be the only time I see this face in my lifetime. Sigh.