August 26, 2012

Things I Say on a DAILY Basis

Don't eat the books.

We don't play in the garbage.

Don't eat the shoes.

Stop eating the toilet paper.

Stop spitting and wiping it all over your face.

Stop licking the window.

Don't put your hand in your poop!

Get out of the toilet.

Don't eat the rock.

No standing on the dishwasher door.

Why do your fingers stink?

Let me pick that boogie!

What do you say to your kids on a daily basis that you never thought you would ever say?

August 18, 2012

Another First Haircut

Charlie boy was in need of a haircut. As much as I loved his curly curl mullet, it was getting a little out of control. We took him to Spoiled Rockin Kids, the same place where we took Rachel for her first haircut. He did fantastic and the lady cutting his hair kept saying how rare it is for her not to have a child cry for their first haircut. While I think she went up a bit too high in the back, I just keep reminding myself that it's hair and it will grow back quick enough. Rachel got her haircut too while we were there. I was expecting complete meltdown like the last two times but I think after seeing her brother sail through it she didn't want to be upstaged! I was really proud of both of my babies.

August 14, 2012

Reconsidering an Experts Information

A few days after Rachel was born we met with Dr. Chad (yes, Dr. Chad) the geneticist. In going over information about Down syndrome, he explained how the minds of people with Down syndrome work. Imagine you go to a building every day and you use the elevator every time but one day there is a fire. You would know to find the stairs. He explained that unless a person with Ds was shown the stairs in that particular building, they wouldn't know that there were stairs in the building to use even if they knew of stairs in a different building. They wouldn't be able to connect the two together - if there are stairs in one building, there must be stairs in another building. I don't know why this explanation has stuck with me for these last 3 years but it has. I always thought that was "the truth", a given in the development of my Rachel.
This weekend we were in the backyard. We got Rachel and Charlie a used play house for outside. In this play house is a very crude kitchen that consists of a small plastic faucet and a sticker for a stove burner. As I was standing near it, Rachel got my attention, pointed to the faucet and proceeded to sign "wash hands" and "water." I was thrilled! At first because she initiate signing which she is slowly becoming better about but then my mind flashed back to Dr. Chad and his explanation. If what he said was "the truth", then how would Rachel know what that facet was? How would she know if I hadn't shown it to her and told her what it was and if it didn't have water coming out of it? How did her mind connect the real faucet from our house to a cruddy plastic faucet in a small play house?
Everyone always says that doctors don't know everything, and I believe that and have said that, but for some reason I let this one explanation from one doctor be "the truth" so far in Rachel's life. I am now moved to my core by how blindly I let myself be led into believing that. Thank you Rachel for reminding me of the real "truth". That you are your own person and no one, even a doctor, can tell me what to expect from you. I just need to keep setting my expectations high because I know you will meet them.

August 12, 2012

One Year

One year ago today, an 8 pound boy came screaming blood murder as he entered into this world.
We had a very rough first 6 months but little by little each day got better. Charlie, you are now a joyful part of our lives and I can't imagine it without you. I hope you keep your sweet demeanor as you grow because that is the best thing about you. Happy birthday booger boy!

August 1, 2012

NDSC Convention

My trip to the NDSC convention in DC was fantastic! My only complaint? I wasn't there long enough. I wanted to hang out with my friends but the need to actually attend the convention gave only a little time for that.
Two of my favorite people, Korey and Lauri Lyn, from my old town of Greensboro, NC
Aimee, Piper and Addy from the famous Aimee's Bowl of Cherries
I learned a ton of stuff about speech and ways to help Rachel. I listened to some absolutely wonderful self-advocates. I danced like I haven't danced in YEARS!
I am already planning on going to the one next year in Denver. Aimee said we could all sleep on her floor. ;) Who's with me?!