January 29, 2013

Coming Out of the Fog

After being sick and stuck inside for so long, I finally feel like we are coming out of a fog. If the sun would finally come out then all would be right in the world again.  Rachel is back at school and has, amazingly, gone two days in a row! Charlie and I went to a play place on Monday and today we went to the Children's Museum. Tomorrow we'll hit up music class and then Thursday we have a play date! I feel alive again! I feel like I'm part of the world! We had such a good time today too. Charlie had a blast paying in the water area at the museum. I know he liked being around other kids his age and not being stuck in the house with just me. Let's hope this streak of health continues. My blog will be thankful.

helping mama sweep

this is the last time I've seen that comb

January 17, 2013

Still Sick

It's amazing how much a blog suffers when your family just goes from sickness to sickness. You can't really post cute pictures if you can't take any and you can't really talk about anything other than snot, fevers, throw up and crying. So, I won't. Until then, please keep Rachel in your thoughts. She's fighting a pretty crappy bug right now and I just wish she would get better. I miss my sweet girl.

January 4, 2013


Big girl got her haircut last week. It had gotten too long and it was constantly tangled or in food. So, we got about two inches cut off. I love it! We are growing her bangs out so that it will eventually be all one length. She pretty funny with her hair though. If it's not pulled back and it falls in front of her eyes, she'll take both hands and push it back with this noise like "oh, darling, this hair must get out of my way". Just so movie star like! We laugh every time she does it.