October 26, 2009

Now the real test begins...

Rachel had her surgery today and she did really well. The doctor said that the operation went off without a hitch. They are going to keep her intubated and medicated through tomorrow to control her pain and to help her heal. After that, they will let her breath on her own. The doctors think that by Friday they will do a dye test to make sure that stuff will run through her stomach and intestines correctly. And hopefully, we will then be able to feed her through her mouth! That will be a huge step and test. She needs to be able to digest her food and pass stool before we can really celebrate. This week is going to pass by so slowly as we wait for Friday.

P.S. Her butt really isn't that low...just the diaper is! ;)


  1. Looking good, Rachel, even with the droopy diap. :D I'm SO glad you've made it through this ordeal... now to get all better, eat and come home! <3

  2. Fingers all crossed for Friday!

  3. I'm so glad she came through well. Praying that everything goes really well for her and you!

  4. YAY for surgery and it going well!! I can't wait to see pics of you feeding her with that little tiny nursette- like I did with my neice after her surgery!!

    I can't wait to celebrate her first poopy!!! Wow the things you look forward to as a mommy!! Poop!!

    Fingers crossed and still sending up prayers!

  5. Well that's what I was wondering! Why is her butt so darn low?? You are too silly!
    Love, Dad

  6. HA! I never even noticed the diaper until you pointed it out...just looking at how beautiful she is. You may not realize just how many of my friends and co-workers are following your blog. They comment on it everytime you write down something. I print each new picture and post on my work station wall as an update! Love, Mom

  7. I am so happy to hear Rachel's surgery went well. She is such a cutie pie! I will say a prayer that her test on Friday will go just as well, so you can bring your beautiful baby girl home soon. Maggie,I hope you are feeling ok after your surgery.

  8. we will keep praying for her! hope she will be good to go home with you soon! hope you feel better too! :)


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