September 21, 2009

The Beginning

As with every story, ours has a beginning even if the beginning isn't where we thought it would be.

We had two miscarriages in the course of a year of trying for a baby and when I found out I was pregnant again in March of 2009, I was excited but cautious. Why get attached to a baby who may not make it? But the weeks rolled on. I had morning sickness the whole first trimester and it was horrible! I never thought that peanut butter or the smell of vanilla would make me throw up but sure enough they did. I even lost weight.

The second trimester was great by pregnancy standards. I gained weight and got round. We both could feel her move and kick in my tummy. We had an ultrasound done at 18 weeks for an anatomy screening and to find out who was being born. To our delight, we were having a girl. The anatomy screening showed nothing to be concerned about. We were finally able to relax and believe that this pregnancy, this little girl, would be ok. We were finally able to name her, decorate the nursery and dream about her.

At my 26 week appointment, the doctor told me I was "measuring big but it's nothing to be concerned about." The same thing happened at my 28 week appointment. "If you are still measuring big at your next appointment," said the doctor, "we will do an ultrasound to find out what is going on."

I never made it to that next appointment. And this is where I believe our story actually begins.

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  1. Easter Blessings to you, Stephen and little Rachael. We will be visiting John and Erin from April 15 to 18th. Hope we get to see you guys and that beautiful little girl. Peace & Love, Joyce Saueracker (John's mom)


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