July 10, 2010

Babbles, Teeth and Sitting

Over the 4th of July weekend two things happened. Rachel decided to actually start babbling consonants...babababa, dadadad, gagaga. Funny stuff! We have yet to really get a good string of them on video, but when we do it will be posted! It is so crazy to hear her say "words" and not just some sounds. Stephen already things she is calling his name: Dada.

Rachel also started teething. Hardcore. Before she liked to mouth her hands and she drooled a little but now, watch out, she will gnaw your fingers off if you get them near her mouth. She doesn't suck on her pacifier anymore either. She bites at it. I keep checking her mouth for any signs a tooth is poking through but I don't see anything right now. Ugh. Something better pop through soon because I don't want it to last months and months.

This Friday Rachel made a great effort at sitting. She hates to sit so the fact that she actually stayed in the seated position for more than 2 seconds was a major improvement. I am so excited! I can't wait until she can sit on her own...it will make bath time sooo much easier!

She got to use her pink bathrobe for the first time, Friday, after her bath. Isn't she just so cute? And because she is starting to be able to sit, I was able to get a picture of her doing it. Even if it's not the best "sit" it's still a new view of our girl!


  1. Super cute pictures!! Yay for babbling too!! My son was born two days after Rachel and he's not sitting yet. He can bare weight on his legs and he crawls, but no sitting. Our PT has put Kinesio tape on him twice now and it really seems to help. She also just started putting a Spio on him during our appointments. :) They'll make it eventually!! Oh, Kheaven doesn't have any teeth yet either but also is chomping on everything. :)

  2. She is SO cute in her pink bathrobe! As always!

    Oh teething- I HATE teething! It is taking forever! The girls both have 4 teeth- 2 top 2 bottom. Ughh! I wish they'd all come in at the same time so "I" could get it over with.

  3. I can't believe she was born early! She looks so healthy!! :-) She and your family are in my prayers. :-)

  4. I so adore the picture of Rachel where she has her "grrr giggle" on! She sure is beautiful!

  5. While you do not know me, I came across your Blogger site quite by accident. As I read through...and saw the magnificent pictures of your little angel, I had tears in my eyes the whole time. I had awe in my heart for the magnificence of you as Rachel's mother. She is incredibly lovable! And her expressions simply melt a heart! Well, I can only hope you might allow me to follow you, and also send my prayers along for this beautiful family! It would be a deep honor! (I also have a blog, but am relatively clueless as to some of the technology...so I hope this reaches you!) Blessings on all in your home!


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