September 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. I forgot to mention that when Charlie was born and they brought him over to me for the first time, he quieted when he heard the sound of my voice. Neatest. Thing. Ever.

2. Rachel masted the straw cup a couple weeks ago. Well, she could always do it but didn't want to. I finally bit the bullet and took away all her bottles and just gave her the straw cups. Surprise, she hasn't missed them.

Yes, I'm still in PJ's...but the kids are dressed!
3. Rachel had her annual eye exam last week which required me to get myself and the two kids to the doctors office by 8am. ACK! But, we made it and Rachel doesn't need glasses (for now). We won't have to worry about going back for another 18 months unless something comes up!

4. We have had a cold circling through our home. It started with Rachel, went to Charlie, then Stephen and now I have it. Fun. It's still summer! Where did we get this?

5. WVU football season has begun!

6. Rachel no longer cries when Charlie cries!! This is HUGE!! She still seems unsure but is quick to bounce back when he stops. YAY!

7. Rachel has outgrown a lot of her 12 month clothes. Looks like we'll be entering fall and winter in brand new 18 month big girl clothes to go along with her now "giant" size 4 shoes. Whoot! The little man is going to be towering over her pretty quickly, I'm afraid.


  1. Maggie,
    It sounds like you are starting to get the hang of the two kids thing - you give me hope!!! I had no idea Rachel was so tiny. Barnes is in size 2T for the fall and his new shoes are size 6 (and he is only in the 5% for boys his age in size). Hope everyone in your family starts to feel better soon, summer colds are the worst.

  2. He is absolutely me baby lust...
    and haha about the bottles, what a stinker...gotta love her!
    and on your post below, I know everyone's telling you it's going to get better and you probably want to tell them to shut up and go away, but I seriously guarantee you it does get better-I wouldn't lie to you babe...hugs...
    oh, and hooray for no glasses!

  3. He is a ball of absolute cuteness! You and Stephen make some cute kiddos!

    YAY for no bottles! Isn't that a relief??

    I think Rachel and Lara must be pretty close in size. We are starting the fall in 18-24 mo pants since she is so short and she is wearing size 4 shoes too.

    I thought of you with footballl season beginning. I root for WVU until they play Tech! Then well, all bets are off then!

    Glad things are getting a little better!


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