September 11, 2011


Ah, it's been tough here these last couple of days. Charlie is not a happy boy. He hasn't been the easiest baby since he's been born but his fussiness has reached new levels. He will not lay down at night to sleep. He will only sleep in our arms or in the boppy pillow on our bed between us. I am thinking it is reflux related but the meds the doctor has given us are not helping. He is also dealing with some horrible gas issues and seems to work really hard to poo. We have also been watching his temperature. It's been 99. 6 or so since Friday night. Tomorrow, I will be at the pediatricians again (The forth time in 2 weeks) and hopefully the doctor will be able to help us out. Stephen and I are exhausted and poor Rachel girl isn't getting the attention she needs these days on top of having ear infections of her own.

What? I'm not supposed to sit in this?

Rachel and I did have a nice mom and daughter morning on Saturday. We went and got her haircut, to the park and then to Babies R Us for some shopping. I love spending time with just my girl and I know she loves it too. Today, she went grocery shopping with her dada and spread her charm at Target. She just loves to sit in the shopping cart and smile at everyone. I never leave Target without at least one comment about how cute she is.
The serious face...the one we usually get
hum...think they have the same profile??

Overall, I think we are both overwhelmed right now. I keep waiting for things to turn...for Charlie to stop crying as much, for him to sleep more than a couple hours at a time, for some kind of routine, for Rachel to get more attention...but right now, I'm not seeing the end of the tunnel.


  1. . Toddler and Baby Gig is such hard work - I have lived it for the past 2 years, plus I think one child having DS puts extra pressure on us to all ways be in attendance and stimulate them. Hey giant hugs and blessings for some quality sleep (don't count the hours just count the quality) Viv

  2. I think you mentioned you were breastfeeding. Have you considered an intolerance to something you are eating? I know my guy has a milk intolerance and he had all of those symptoms. Once I cut out milk, his temperament was so very different. Common ones are milk/dairy, soy, green veggies, beans, wheat.

  3. Sending good thoughts for sleep and for the little guy to start feeling better. Hoping it starts to get better soon!

  4. Ugh on the possible reflux again. So far we are 2 for 2 also...sigh. LOVE the new pics though <3 Hang in there....they have to get older at some point. ;)


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