February 26, 2012


When I had Rachel, I figured I would be the one who would have to be fearless. I would have to put away my doubts about what she could do. I would have to champion for her rights. In my head, she was the one who needed to be protected. I never thought about Rachel being the fearless one.

But she is. At the park today, she was happy climbing up the stairs of a play set to the top of the tall slides and going down them. Until a little boy came by and climbed up the "rock face" that is attached to the same play set. She saw that and didn't even stop to think, "maybe this will be hard?" or "what if I fall?", she just wanted to climb it too. I had to swallow my fear of heights to help my girl climb that wall. She got to the top and guess what she did...she went down the stairs to climb up the wall again.

I was wrong on who needed to take care of who. She is here to help me conquer my fears. Rachel is the fearless one.

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