January 26, 2011

First Haircut!

 While visiting Stephen in Huntsville, it was decided Rachel was in need of her first haircut. Mostly it was Stephen who decided. He has issues with long hair and refers to any boy with hair longer than his as a "hippy." Anywho, we found a cool place called Spoiled Rockin Kids Salon. They had a first haircut package. You receive a bravery certificate, before and after pics and a locket of hair. The place was awesome! If I was a young girl I would have all my birthday parties there. They even have a catwalk! Rachel was put into a pink car and strapped in. She was all in awe about what was around her and didn't even notice the woman cutting her hair until she started on her bangs. As soon as the hair hit her face, Rachel turned and saw the lady. Rachel did not cry or get hysterical. She just wanted to be picked up! The rest of the haircut turned into us trying to keep her attention so she didn't mob the lady for hugs. It was a great experience and I really hope she is this good with all her other haircuts. We love you Rachel girl!

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