August 18, 2012

Another First Haircut

Charlie boy was in need of a haircut. As much as I loved his curly curl mullet, it was getting a little out of control. We took him to Spoiled Rockin Kids, the same place where we took Rachel for her first haircut. He did fantastic and the lady cutting his hair kept saying how rare it is for her not to have a child cry for their first haircut. While I think she went up a bit too high in the back, I just keep reminding myself that it's hair and it will grow back quick enough. Rachel got her haircut too while we were there. I was expecting complete meltdown like the last two times but I think after seeing her brother sail through it she didn't want to be upstaged! I was really proud of both of my babies.


  1. But I thought I was the reason Rachel didn't melt down? :)


  2. He's adorable! Yay for haircuts and no meltdowns!


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