August 26, 2012

Things I Say on a DAILY Basis

Don't eat the books.

We don't play in the garbage.

Don't eat the shoes.

Stop eating the toilet paper.

Stop spitting and wiping it all over your face.

Stop licking the window.

Don't put your hand in your poop!

Get out of the toilet.

Don't eat the rock.

No standing on the dishwasher door.

Why do your fingers stink?

Let me pick that boogie!

What do you say to your kids on a daily basis that you never thought you would ever say?


  1. should see all of Madilynn's books...chunks on the corners are missing b/c she used to bite/eat them...LOL!!!

  2. Yes, I remember them well.

  3. These will be so fun to look back on in 20 years when you wished they were little again!!


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