November 2, 2012

A New Tradition on Halloween

On Halloween, we went to Tate Farms. We picked up Rachel right from school and went. The reason we went so late was partially due to the fact that the time right before dinner can be crazy if the kids are already getting tired. But, thankfully, Charlie took a great nap before we left and Rachel slept all the way to the farm so both we rested and ready to go.

Charlie is asserting his independence. It's always been pretty easy to redirect Rachel if she decides to run the wrong direction but with Charlie as soon as I try to turn him he goes limp and flops to the ground. He gets so upset! It's comical, really. He spent a good part of the time there walking around and climbing on the wooden "tractors".
do you see the Alabama snow in the background?

Rachel had an absolute blast playing in the giant vats of corn kernels, going down slides and bouncing on a giant inflatable pillow thing. She also fell in love with the bunnies they had at the small petting zoo. she was pretty gentle but scared the crap out of me (and probably the bunny) when she decided to hug them! Stephen and I both agreed that going to the pumpkin farm on Halloween was going to be a new tradition for our family.

will anyone notice that i'm eating this kernel of corn?

Halloween was a little crazy. The kids were so dirty from the farm and dinner that they needed a bath which meant everything was rushed to get out the door. Charlie was pretty tired at this point and didn't really want anything to do with getting dressed up and walking around outside. Rachel was doing her best bedtime crazies and was a complete handful once we stepped outside. We only got a couple pictures of our fireman and bunny but aren't they cute?

she actually kept her ears on the whole time - amazing!

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  1. OMG corn sand boxes how fun. We visited 3 pumpkin farms this fall, we love going it is such a nice day.
    Hope Rachel is feeling better. Crappy about the poop issues still (forgive the pun).


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