February 22, 2013

Growing Up

In the midst of all this sickness, there is a silver lining. I've learned that my big girl really is maturing. Doctor appointments and her have not mixed for some time. I dreaded each and every time we had to go to some waiting room or some office and have some kind of something done. It always involved me holding her in a wrestling move while the doctor tried to get done what they needed to do.

We had to go to the ER a couple weeks ago. Again, I was dreading it. I just KNEW what was going to happen. Only it didn't. Rachel sat with us and watched movies while we waited. She calmly let the doctor listen to her heart and then later administer a breathing treatment. She sat with me on the bed in the not private exam room without a door and had snacks. Never once did she try and run away or arch her back and scream. This was a 4 hour visit during the worst time of the day, dinner time. I was blown away.

The last few visits at the pediatrician went just as well. The doctor looked in her ears and Rachel just sat still and let her. I don't think that has ever happened before. They needed to get an oxygen reading and used a device that monitors it using her hand. She let the nurse do it. She also patiently waited in the exam room reading books and using a bead maze.

Today we went to the hospital for some chest x-rays (She does not have pneumonia!). We had to register and she sat in the chair next to mine and drew on some paper with a pen while I gave the tech our information. In the imaging waiting room she read magazines. For the x-ray she stool nicely on a stool and afterwards even took her little "apron" back to the place the tech got it from. Not one fit. Not one argument from her. Just absolutely calm and wonderful. I never thought we would ever get to this spot in time so soon at three and a half years old. I am so proud of how my girl is growing up and just amazed that she is doing all this while constantly being so sick. I love you my Rachel girl!

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