May 2, 2013

So, Officer, It's Like This

It's been a while since my last blog post but my new computer should be here soon. I hate blogging without pictures because I KNOW that is the only real reason anyone reads this thing but I thought I needed to write about the wonderful last week we had getting to know our local law enforcement and fire team.

On Monday on our way to drop off Rachel at school, I was slowing down for a red light when out of the blue I heard a huge noise and I ended up hitting the car in front of us. Turns out we were struck from behind by another car. After sitting there dazed for a moment I checked on the kids and they were ok. Then I got out to inspect the car and check on the other people. I went back to the girl who hit us. She was crying and proceeded to tell me that she didn't have insurance, that she didn't have her car tags yet and that something was wrong with the breaks. Um, lady, if you think that is going to keep me from calling the police you are sadly mistaken. The fire rescue team complete with the engine came along with about 3 or 4 other police cars. There really wasn't any need for more than one or two cops but it's nice to feel cared about.

On Wednesday, we are once again taking Rachel to school. I open the car door for Rachel to get in, close it and then I go around to the other side to buckle Charlie in. I throw my keys and wallet into my front seat while I do that. I then close his door and am about to go around to buckle Rachel in when I hear the car doors lock shut. OH. NO. Rachel got in to the front seat and locked them inside. I didn't think that was possible with the Honda but it happened so I guess it is! After about 5 minutes of trying to get Rachel to push the key buttons again, I gave up and called 911. They sent out the fire team again along with another police officer. I recognized the one fireman from Monday. Thankfully, he did not recognize us.

The Honda is truly a very hard vehicle to break in to. They couldn't get the lock pull, they tried pulling open the car door handle but it didn't unlock the door, and then they tried to open the locks with the switch inside but it was too difficult. By some stroke of luck, Rachel had left the keys on the passenger side seat with the car door opener face up. The firemen were able to push that small button on the key chain opener to get the car open! Holy cow, I was relieved! The poor kids were crying, hysterical messes but ok.

While I am very thankful for the work the rescue teams and law enforcement do here, I do not want to see them again for a very long time!

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  1. HAHA!! glad they are ok from the accident. i get these calls all the time. best one is when they tell me they were texting and didn't see the car ahead stop....really? would tell your insurance company that??

    So, i guess you'll be keeping your keys in your hands until you start the care :-)


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