July 25, 2013

Botanical Garden Kind of Day!

Rachel is in the midst of the very long awaited hydrogen breath tests. They are used to determine different sugar malabsorptions (lactose, fructose and sucrose). Each test needs to be completed on a separate day so she's had one on Monday and today with her last one tomorrow. We'll have the results tomorrow so I'll post about those more tomorrow. Stephen has been taking her down to Birmingham for the tests so I've had some time with my buddy. Today was the most perfect summer day so off to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens we went!

The morning was cool enough so we were able to meander around for a while before hitting the water features. Charlie had a good time walking around checking out the plant life, pulling the wagon and seeing some butterflies.


"sis?" (what's this?)

Then we went into the Children's Garden and played in the water and sand box.

Overall, we were there for 2 hours. It could not have been a nicer morning with my booger boy.

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