July 15, 2013

She Said, "Sit Down."

In case you were unaware, Rachel is considered non-verbal, meaning she doesn't communicate by speaking. She communicates with signs and sounds. She uses a lot of the same sounds for different words, like "gah" for dog or dada. She makes a squishy sound with her mouth for cheese or a clicking type sound for cracker or cookie both along with signing. So, any word that actually makes it out of her mouth is celebrated.

Tonight, while I was in another room I heard Stephen say, "Sit down so we can read the book" or something like that. Very clearly I heard a little voice repeat, "sit down". I assumed it was Charlie. Stephen called to me, "Did you hear that??" and I said yes but not with the enthusiasm he was expecting. It turns out it was RACHEL who said that. A girl who hardly ever speaks one word and most certainly not a two word sentence! I only wish I was in that room to actually see it with my own eyes.

What's kind of interesting is just last night I had a dream that I was watching Rachel have a conversation on the phone with her great grandma. She talked so clearly. It was such a beautiful dream.


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