August 21, 2013

Back at School!

Rachel's first day of her second year of Pre-K started on Monday. The girl was so happy. I tried to get a kiss from her before she took off with an aide but she wouldn't even look me in the eye. She was too busy looking down the hall of the school waiting to take off. As I got in the car to drive away, I looked back to see her running down the hall, arms wide open and ready to land in a teacher's arms. Can't say I wasn't a little jealous but it does my heart good to know that she loves to be there.

I locked the door because he likes to open it and go out. You can tell he is thrilled about that.

Waiting at a stop light to turn on to the road to school
"You're all mine now!"


  1. If you look quickly at the last picture, it looks like Charlie has a halo!! HA!!

  2. I can't believe how tall she looks! I am so glad she loves her school and teacher.


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