October 3, 2009

2 Weeks Old...Or 32 Weeks, 2 Days

Today is Rachel's 2 week Birthday. She is continuing to do really well but only weighs 3 pounds. She needs to get to 4 pounds, 6 ounces in order to have her surgery. Every day I see her I tell her she needs to gain weight and prove everyone wrong about how long it's going to take her to do so. I know she is going to be the kind of girl who proves everyone wrong when they set limits on her or don't expect as much from her.

We have been doing a lot of Kangaroo Care (Skin to Skin). It's amazing how fast she settles down and her heart rate slows and her oxygen level goes as high as it can. We have also found the calming affect it has on us. For me especially, holding her makes me forget everything going on with my body. When I first had my c-section and I was in pain, I didn't feel it when I was holding her. When I got a rash from the surgical tape or from the medicine and my whole body itched, I didn't notice it when I was holding her. Time just goes by so fast staring at her little face. One minute it's 3 PM and the next it's 5 PM. I love the nosies she makes...the little sighs when she breaths, the sucking noises on her pacifier, even when she cries. She is also looking around more and keeping her eyes open longer. Yesterday she lifted her head from my chest a few times. Every little thing is a sign that she is getting stronger and getting closer to leaving the hospital. Every day it gets harder to leave her to come back to our house where she belongs.

Stephen and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary on September 30th. He gave me a necklace with a mother and child figure embracing and Rachel's heartshaped Saphire birthstone hanging in the middle. We had a delicious dinner and talked about all that has happened this past year...with a lot of it happening this past September. Life continues to throw curve balls at us but we are able to work together against anything. I know I have someone in Stephen who will always be there for me. In him I have the vows we stated at our ceremony. I know he knows that he will always get the same from me. Life is so much easier knowing you have someone to help fight the battles with you and you don't even have to ask for their help. It makes celebrating the victories that much better.

**** On a side note, we just want to thank EVERYONE who has helped us out during this time. The cards, notes, emails, gifts, food, help around the house and with the dogs have been overwhelming but so needed and appreciated. You never really know how much you are cared for until you truly need it shown. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends. We can only hope that we can do the same for you when your time comes for support and help. Thank you.


  1. I love following your blog and love to know that Rachel is doing better and every day she's closer to going home.. right where she belongs!
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Happy belated Anniversary to you and Stephen!!
    That's a gorgeous necklace, and how very special! You knew she was a precious "gem" the day she was born, and now you have the precious sapphire to remind you of that!

  3. We love the updates on your beautiful baby girl! We can't wait for the day that we can meet her and tell her what a wonderful Mom and Dad she has

    Lori and Jerry


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