October 11, 2009

More Good News

I went to see our little girl today and got some good information. She no longer needs the "pulse/ox" that was attached to her foot! One less wire! She also gained more weight and is at 1710 grams or about 3 pounds, 13 ounces. The nurse told me that if she keeps gaining weight at this rate, she will have her surgery in about 2 weeks. :) This is such great news! This means she has a chance of coming home in November for Thanksgiving.


  1. Wonderful news!! I am sure you all can't wait to get Rachel home and settled in... She is beautiful... thanks for the updates...we love your blog. Love, Aunt Missie

  2. Keep packing on the pudge Rachel!

    YAY for one less wire!! Soon she won't have any and can be at home with you both!

  3. Yay, that's such great news, Maggie! You can see in that photo how much fuller and more robust she looks. <3

  4. That is such great news. Go Rachel!!!!!


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