November 16, 2009

In case you didn't know...

Rachel is coming home Wednesday or Thursday!

We are so excited! Today and tomorrow will be mad dashes to get things done around the house and get prepared for her arrival home. Today her tube was taken out of her nose and the pulse/ox was taken off her foot. Rachel even got to try out her bouncy seat. She sat there looking around, looking at her hands, trying to figure out what exactly was going on, but she didn't cry or seem upset. She was just chillin'. She is just about 6 pounds and up to 18.5 inches. Tomorrow she gets the carseat test. We bring in her carseat and strap her in while she is attached to the monitor to see how she reacts for a hour and a half. They just want to make sure her heartbeat and oxygen levels are good sitting up for that long. Stephen and I also get to view the CPR video and other parenting videos they make you watch before you can take your baby home. Let's hope we pass the little quizes they give! :) November has always been my favorite month and not just because it has my birthday in it. I love Thanksgiving, I love fall and now I love November more because this is the month our baby comes home!


  1. We are so excited for you three! Having Rachel home in time for Thanksgiving will be wonderful. We all have so much to be Thankful for this year. Enjoy every minute with your little sweetie! We can't wait to meet her in person.

    Happy Thanksgiving-
    Lori and Jerry

  2. Yea for you guys! It has been a long battle, but you now get to have her in the comfort of your own home... Praying for you guys!

  3. That's awesome Maggie! I'm so excited for you! I know little Rachel will be happy to be home with her wonderful parents!


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