November 24, 2009

First Bath and Pediatrician

Rachel had her first bath (at our home) Sunday night. I was a little nervous about how she would do but in true Rachel fashion she stayed very calm through the whole thing. We used the "Bath Luv Frog" that is designed to keep your baby warm while washing them. My friend, Beck, suggested I get it and I really think it helped and I recommend it for those of you expecting a baby. :)

Monday, we took Rachel to her first Pediatrician appointment. She got her check up and her first round of immunizations. The doctor told us that it was nice to see Rachel so active and that she had good muscle tone, which is good news with her having Down syndrome. The doctors office was great and everyone was very nice especially the nurse. They made us feel very comfortable and let us know that we could call them anytime of the day and someone would be there to help us and that no question was too silly to ask.

Today has been a good day. I feel like we have hit a stride with her schedule and it's going to be easier to be able to get things done around the house. We even were able to get out and go for a walk with her and the dogs.


  1. I am so thrilled you finally have Rachel home. She is so cute!!! It will truly be a great Thanksgiving for your family.

  2. I just wanted to comment and say I'm so glad your little girl is home and is doing well! She's just precious!! I have a 6 month old son that has Down syndrome, it's always nice to find others that are on the same journey. Many blessings to you and your family!

  3. Awesome Maggie! it's always great to hear the good news about baby Rachel!

  4. I'm so glad Rachel liked my suggestion! She looks sooooooo adorable and cozy during her first bathy.

  5. Just wondering what bath tub that is. I love the froggy. What brand is it?


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