November 8, 2009

Like a Regular Baby

As Rachel has been getting her milk, the more she has been acting like a regular baby. If she was still in my stomach, she would be 37 weeks along and just about what the doctors would consider full term. So I know the activity she is doing now partly has to do with that. But, I know actually getting a full belly has to be doing wonders for her too. She is so squirmy now and becoming more and more awake. She is really able to hold her eyes still and focus on things too. She is also getting the hang of the bottle. She can't drink the whole thing though because she gets herself so worn out by trying to drink. She hasn't master it enough yet to do that. Today though, Rachel did such a good job and I can see she is making progress. She is starting to connect the good full belly feeling with the milk taste and that makes her want to really try. I just have to hold myself back from pushing her too hard and frustrating her and me in the process. Overall, these last two days have been great. The doctor thinks she'll be off of her TPN (nutrients) by Tuesday and they can take the PIC line out of her hand for good!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that she's doing well! Love and prayers!

  2. She is soooo precious! I love her hand position, she is hanging ten! Surfer girl! ;o)
    I am glad that she is very responsive to you guys which is amazing for you both!

  3. Oh, I just love those precious expressions!


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