April 5, 2010

A Beautiful Easter Day and The Pool!

Sunday, Rachel and I spent the day together like we do most weekends since Stephen works We got all decked out in our "Sunday" best and went to Church with a friend. Rachel looked around for about a half hour then slept through the whole service (yes!). Afterwards, it was home for a quick change and then we met another friend for a walk in the park. It was a hot day out but Rachel didn't mind.

Today, we set up a little blow-up pool. Rachel's first big time in the pool! She actually didn't hate it and I expect as time goes on she will love it. Watch it here!


  1. Loved the video! I want a Mr. Sprinkles too! ;)

  2. Maggie! Rachel is so cute! She's got the cutest outfits and dresses!

  3. I vote her the "Best Dresses" baby! Gosh her clothes are adorable!

  4. Rachel is beautiful...I found your blog from another that I follow. My daughter Emily has DS also and is 10 months old. I think I am your newest follower!



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