April 3, 2010

Play Date with Mack and Wilson

Friday, Rachel had a play date with Mack and Wilson. Mack was in the NICU before and after Rachel and they even shared a room for a little while. His mom and I had many talks and even some tears during those days. It was wonderful to see them all together, outside of the NICU and I finally got to meet Wilson. Happy times were had by all...even some naps were taken!

Rachel relaxing in the shade...beware the rolls!

Mack checking out Rachel in her pretty dress.

Mr. Mack enjoying life outside of the NICU. :)

Mr. Wilson thinking a nap sounds good....

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  1. Rachel's arms and legs are so cute with the rolls... kinda reminds me of my arms and legs, yet they look SOOOO much cuter on her than me!


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