May 15, 2010

Note From Rachel and Random Updates

Rachel was getting jealous of me blogging and so she decided she wanted to try this "blogging stuff" out. Here's what she had to say...... df , wtrrtt 45x5,t, x uk uk uk hiimiukh8jb v v n fn f b.

I think she was trying out her math skills and then her geography skills and a little foreign language? I don't know, but she was happy with how it turned out! Below are some pictures of her in her crib playing. She didn't realize I had the camera in the second pic. Whoops!

I've introduced solids to Rachel over the last two weeks. She really likes eating new things and does well with the spoon but, unfortunately, her little tummy doesn't agree. The peas and sweet potatoes gave her diarrhea. I've been told to wait a couple days and try again with a more bland food, like carrots, and see what happens. The nurse said it could be her stomach just getting used to the new foods. I don't know. I have a feeling her stomach will react the same way with the carrots and then I'll be on the phone with the pediatrician's office again.

Tuesday, we have a long day at Brenner's. Rachel has a follow-up appointment with hearing and speech at Brenner's (hearing will be tested again) and she also has an appointment with the ENT there. I am so happy. There is something going on that is keeping her from sleeping well and sleeping in a C position. We used to think it was all reflux but we are noticing more that even when she sleeps in a more upright position on our chests she stops breathing and then kind of snort/gasps for air. It sounds like something gets stuck and she can't breath. I just want her to be able to sleep comfortably. I'm also concerned about her breathing because every once in a while, he legs turn blue. I have told the pediatrician about it and they say that this too is pretty normal but, again, I don't by it. If it continues I will let them know. The first thing that comes to my mind is heart problems but as far as we know, her heart is fine.

Thursday is another big day. We are seeing the geneticist from the hospital again. He was the one who talked to us about Rachel right after we came to Brenner's. I am really not sure why we need to see him again. I guess he just wants to make sure we are OK with Rachel having Down syndrome and that we aren't depressed by it. We have an appointment with a GI doctor in July at Brenner's. I wasn't thrilled with our GI doc here in Greensboro but Stephen really didn't like him. She had her Barium swallow test done two weeks ago but we haven't heard anything about it yet. Rachel is back on Prevacid twice a day because it's the only thing that works right now and her current GI doc isn't giving us many options.

On to cheerier news...The last couple of days it's been pretty hot here and Rachel has been enjoying her pool. She has a friend, Jonas, that she sees on a pretty regular basis and he came to enjoy it as well.

Both love Magic Sprinkles!

Rachel has also been working really hard in therapy and on her tummy. She has gotten so good at rolling from back to tummy. She actually prefers to be on her stomach now. She is going about 3 hours between naps (or needing naps since it's rare when I can actually get her to take one!) and is going 3 hours between feedings. Every day our girls gets bigger and more active. She's just too darn cute for words and I have such a hard time paring down pictures of her!


  1. Don't pare down the pictures - I want to see them all! Lots of luck at Brenner's. Since her heart seems to be fine, have they considered sleep apnea? My husband has it and he stops breathing for a bit and then gasps. Hope whatever is going on is easily treatable!

  2. UGH with the feeding issues... It's really no fun when they act ready, but their insides don't agree! Have you tried pears? They are still one of Piper's FAVORITES. They're sweet and watery, which makes them easy to eat and digest. AND they're higher in fiber than most other fruits. We always make them without the peels, though. They also do well mixing with other fruits and veggies to introduce new stuff. I've heard that carrots are actually fairly acidic- they kind of bug Piper's stomach still. Trial and error and see what happens, right? You can also try color groups, too, I think, and see if you have any better luck. Sometimes its the nutrient that makes a veggie orange, for example, that causes problems. You can get the white yams instead of orange sweet potatoes and see if it does any better. I'm sure you've thought of this stuff, but thought I'd give you my two cents, just in case... :)

    ...and isn't it rough when you have to decide which pictures to use? Life sure is hard when you have such a cute kid! ;)

  3. Don't ever pare down the pictures! Rachel is adorable! I am loving watching her grow!!


  4. She's adorable Mags!!! Hope all goes well tomorrow at Brennar...hope to hear some great updates soon!!!

  5. Love the pics! It's funny, sweet potatoes are doing the opposite to Dexter, they constipate him bad :(
    Has she been checked for sleep apnea? Just a thought.
    ...oops just saw the post above.


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