May 18, 2010

You Down With ENT? Yeah, You Know Me!

Sorry, busting out my old rap skillz. Did I just give away my age? :)

Today was a big day at Brenner's. Rachel had her hearing tested and she did Ok. They explained that she is hearing high pitch levels fine but the mid-tones didn't seem as good. They said it could just be the wax in her ears and her tiny ear canals. The woman who gave Rachel the test also said that the most important sounds for her to hear are the high tones. She also tested to make sure Rachel's eardrums were moving and they were. So, for now, we don't worry and then go back in September for another check up. Hopefully, it's just wax and small ear canals for now and next time will be better.

(Rachel trying out the big girl chair)

We met with a new ENT as well. We took Rachel to an ENT in Greensboro a couple of months ago and he bascically told us she was fine. We sat on that for a couple months. I've always been concerned about her sleep. She is really restless and arches. Most recently she has been having short episodes where she stops breathing, coughs or snorts and then starts breathing again. She has always needed a ton of naps during the day to keep from being crabby and all this together has us thinking that her arching may not be from reflux like we thought. We think she sleeps that way because it's the best way for her to breath. So, we decided to get an appointment at Brenner Children's Hospital. (Man, do we love that place!) As we stood at the desk to sign in, an exam door opens and out comes Ben. He is a little boy with Down syndrome. At that moment I knew we had made a good decision. The new ENT, Dr. K, took all our concerns seriously. He did a quick scope of Rachel's nose and throat. He said everything looked normal. He then scheduled a sleep study to be done on Rachel. Thank you! I know we will learn some much needed information from this study. Either we find something wrong that we can help Rachel with or we find nothing and concentrate on the reflux. Can I tell you how happy this makes me? Finally a doctor who wants to help us and Rachel and not just blow us off as over paranoid first time parents.

(having fun with herself in the office mirror)

We then stopped by the NICU to say hello to some old friends. I am now kicking myself because I had my camera and I DID NOT GET A PHOTO OF THEM WITH HER! Argh! I guess we'll have to line something up next time. Maybe in September when she turns a year old. It was great seeing everyone and if you are reading this, I'm sorry she wasn't in a good mood. She had a long day and it was getting close to bed time. Jamie, I think Rachel remembered all the country music you made her listen to and that is why she cried when you talked to her. :)


  1. Congrats on finding a good, caring doctor and facility. I know how relieved it is to find someone who will take you seriously. Go Rachel! P.S. Your music is totally making me cry!

  2. She is SO darn cute! I LOVE the monkey outfit!

    I am SO glad you will be getting some answers! Poor little Rachel arching! She needs some good sleep! Everyone is cranky when they don't get good sleep!

  3. We just got a sleep study done and possibly surgery on Thursday. Best of luck to you.

  4. We too love Dr. K! He is putting Mack's tubes in at the end of this month. In our case, they are seeing (maybe not the right word choice) some mild conductive hearing loss because of fluid in his ears. Once the tubes are in they'll be able to do another audiology screening and determine if all of his hearing loss can be attributed to the fluid or if there is something else going on as well


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