May 24, 2010

Poop, Reflux and Relatives

I'm really tired of both of them and I know Rachel is too. I think we are finally on a path to narrowing things down though as to what is causing her chronic diarrhea. We know it isn't Celiac. Her formula is gluten free. We stopped feeding her solids for the time being so we know it isn't those. (The diarrhea started the same time we started feeding her solids-three weeks ago). Her surgeon called us and told us the symptoms if her surgery was failing. He said before that if something was going to go wrong with her surgery it would be when we started solids. The symptoms he gave us do not sound like what is going on with her. So we can cross that off the list. We are going to give a stool sample to our pediatrician so they can test it for parasites and the what not. If that comes back clean (no pun intended) then we know that it's either food related (formula allergy issues) or something is going wrong inside her little tummy. I'm sure we'll start by changing formulas, again, for the hundredth time. UGH.

(got your glasses, mommy!)

We have an appointment with a new GI in July but that is such a long time away. I have to call this new doctor's office every day now to see if someone has canceled and if we can slide in. Please cross your fingers that we get in soon. Rachel's reflux is also barely under control. Today wasn't a very good day in that department. Lot's of arching and some crying. She's slowly eating less but who knows if it's because of the reflux or because she's just gotten through a growth spurt. The Prevacid and formula changes have really not done a whole lot, but then again, I would hate to see how she is without them! She is also still moaning at night. We've just turned off the monitor sound and have our door cracked so we can hear her if she really starts wailing. I don't like doing that but it's the only way we get any sleep. It's still amazing to me how, even though, she isn't feeling her best, she can still have the best little smile around.

(it looks like she wants to strangle me but it's still funny!)

Yesterday, my brother and his wife stopped by on their way back up to NYC from Charlotte. I don't get to see my brother very often and I'm really happy they stopped by. Rachel really liked seeing her Uncle Mike and Aunt Meredith too! We had a nice dinner outside with our friends. My brother marinated some steak and it was delicious! They took a ton of photos so I'll post them when I get them.


  1. Poor Rachel! Feel better soon baby girl!

    Can I have Rachel teach Kristin to poop and I'll let Kristin teach her to have a little constipation!?? LOL

    I don't use a monitor either- I can hear them JUST fine if they need me! Sleep is an important thing!

  2. Hi Maggie. This may be too simple of a "solution" but do you think that the diarrhea that Rachel is having could be teething related? My son (who is now 2) gets awful diarrhea and a bad diaper rash whenever he cuts a new tooth. Just an idea, but I know it could be other things too, just a thought.


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