December 1, 2011

Growing Up

Our Rachel girl. She has changed so much in the six months since we moved to Alabama.
taken 3 days before we moved


She went from being our little baby, from just taking her first steps, to a very capable little girl. These last few months since Charlie was born we have seen huge growth in her development. She has many signs.

blowing a kiss
She can tell us what she wants to eat, we can ask her if it's nap time and in her own way she will let us know that too. I can't tell you how exciting that is! She knows when she needs a nap! She's learned how to eat her snack out of a cup without dumping it or taking huge handfuls at a time.

Rachel knows the right way to hold a book and will bring one to us so we can read it to her. She can climb up stairs and slide down slides.

She catches on to how things work much more quickly too. Rachel is very much her own person and it's really heart warming to see. But then, I'm giving her a bath and she is just so perfect and sweet and I start thinking about the future. I don't want her to grow up. I wish she could just stay this way forever. I keep telling myself to remember how she is because in another 6 months, she will have changed even more. I'm not ready. 

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  1. Sometimes it seems like they've grown over night!


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