December 2, 2011

Who Am I?

This was me.
This was my favorite "me".

I was so healthy, in shape and sure of myself. These days, I'm only one out of the three. And sometimes if you speak to me on days when both kids are screaming, I'm probably zero out of three. I miss this person but I'm having a hard time getting her back. It's hard enough finding time to put music on my shuffle (yes, shuffle) none the less finding time to actually exercise. I have a free three month gym membership that the hospital gave me at discharge. That was almost 4 months ago. I have to use it within the next 4 months or it expires. Every couple weeks I think, "Oh yeah, I have that thing! I need to start going!" and every time as soon as I have that thought, it gets eclipsed by something else like laundry, bottles or meals. I know I need to "find" the time. But some days I honestly don't have the energy even though in the back of my head I know exercise is EXACTLY what is needed. For those of you who have fallen off (far off) the exercise wagon, have gotten back on and who have two or more kids, how do you find the time to exercise? When do you go? How do you find the energy to get up off the couch and go?


  1. honestly...I just go...I leave the laundry, the mess, and go...and putting the kids in the nursery for an hour or two makes it all worth it...
    you'll find your groove soon, it just takes a while

  2. My plan after I have this baby is to utilize a Y with childcare! Some of my friends do it - genius. You could also do the double jogger thing, but that intimidates me! I'll just run when my husband is at home with the kids!

  3. One more option: there is a local preschool (here) with a mothers' morning out option for babies.

  4. Since I just returned from buying jeans in a necessarily larger size, I will wait with bated breath to hear some of your responses...

  5. Hey Mags, I fell way off. Not gonna lie. Stopped exercising in the first trimester of my pregnancy with Fiona and she'll be nine months old next Saturday. OOPS!!! I totally feel you, and I think when you're at home with the kids all the time you are giving giving giving of yourself all day and sometimes you just don't have anything left. You're depleted. I know that I don't have 2+ kids, but I work full time from home(plus another part time private practice on Saturdays) as well as raise Fiona, so I get pretty wiped out. I'm here to tell you that I'm presently 2 days back on the wagon. I'm doing things that are efficient time wise and that I enjoy so that it doesn't feel like a workout. I made a playlist that is 20 minutes long on my laptop that I use for work, and on my lunch hour I put Fiona in her bouncy jumperoo and I do dance cardio. I jump around like a complete lunatic with her and dance for 20 minutes and she loves it, and it kicks my butt. Then I've been doing the Windsor Pilates Bun/Thigh workout afterwords. It's only 20 minutes and she crawls around on the floor with me and thinks i'm playing with her. We do what we can. We may not be the ultra hot bodies that we were in the past, but I think it's not such a bad trade off. I also struggle with feeling like I'm no longer myself or "that person", and when I have those feelings, I try to reframe them. Instead of hating my body for not being like it was before, I choose to focus on loving my body for the gift of life that it has given me. I was able to grow, birth, and feed another life, and I choose to be grateful to my body for allowing me to do that. Trust me though, there are surely moments when I feel pretty bummed about the pudge :) We're in this together :) Hang in there, you are a powerful, gorgeous woman and a wonderful loving mother. xoxo

  6. I used to go running with Jan next door. When it got dark and your dad was there we would take off. Best memory was during Halloween and we were running through the crunchy leaves and the smell was heavenly. Also, I joined a volleyball and softball team.

    I know what you're going through. The hardest part is starting. You need to make it mandatory for you to feel good and be healthy for Rachel and Charlie. You can do it. I remember you encouraging Stephen when the two of you met.

    You go girl!!!

  7. I exercise before going to work. I wake up 30 mins early and do it here at the house. I gave up my gym membership a LONG time ago. If I don't do it before I get the girls up, it isn't happening.

    You are a hot mamma!


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