June 4, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Overview: Mom decides it's a great day to go outside and play.

9:30 AM: Mom goes outside to set up the "fun". Preps pool, opens water and sand table, fills sand table with water, opens umbrellas and arranges them for maximum shade, puts out water play mat and attaches hose, puts all the play balls back into the play tub,  lays down water resistant backed blanket, turns on water to play mat.

10:30 AM: Mom collects items needed for outside- sunscreen, swimsuits, hats, diapers, swim diapers, sunglasses, phone, towels, camera - and puts them outside

11:30 AM: Daughter has melt down and goes in crib for an early nap. "Fun" time is pushed back.

1:00 PM: Daughter wakes up from nap and eats lunch. Clouds roll in and Son needs to go down for a nap at 2pm. "Fun" time is pushed back.

2:00 PM: Sun is out again and Son is not going down for a nap. Let the "Fun" begin!

2:15 PM: Mom shuttles Son and Daughter outside. Proceeds to strip daughter of clothing then runs around trying to spray her with suntan lotion. Manages to put on her swim diaper and swim top. Strips Son of clothes, sprays down with lotion, puts on swim suit, swim top, hat and sunglasses. Son strips off glasses and hat and throws them into water play mat. Daughter cries and sits on top of the kiddie picnic table.

2:30 PM: Mom decides to bring Son in to the "big" pool.

2:32 PM: Son inhales some water

2:33 PM: Son barfs all over Mom and into Pool.

2:34 PM: Mom strips children of all clothing, puts them in new diapers and shuttles crying children inside and plops them in front of Elmo.

2:45 PM: "Fun" time is officially over.


  1. Maggie,
    I am so there with you! I don't know if this post makes me want to laugh or cry or a combo of both. The joy of motherhood as only those who are there with you right now can understand.

  2. LOVE IT! try telling that to someone who works and wonder what a "stay at home" mom does all day!!

  3. Been there, done that. Me thinks my husband is on to something: his approach? One water toy and trip the kid naked and call it good.

  4. Lauri Lewis-CostelloJune 6, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    EXACTLY how it happens right? You are soooo funny at telling the story! LOVED it!


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