September 1, 2012

The Big Trip

We took the kiddos up to PA to visit family. Rachel hadn't been up in quite a while and Charlie had never been at all. I thought it was time for the rest of the families to meet him so we planned this trip. The trip itself was good even if the actual travel by plane was the worst experience ever. I know the kids had fun but Charlie was NOT thrilled with sleeping in a new place after the first two nights. We managed to hit the beach- they both loved it -swim in the pool, celebrate birthdays and visit with family all in a week. We did leave with a parting gift of a cold. However it's been pretty mild and it's not keeping them from sleeping. You know that is the most important part, right? Now let the pictures roll...

This plane thing isn't so bad....
Wait, you say we're flying Delta??!!

Off to the beach...
Eating sandy blueberries and PB&J

water cold? lay on the hot sand!

peek-a-boo with great grandma w

great grandpa w showing charlie how to whistle
alright elmo, you better do your stuff!

charlie and evan

rachel and grandpa c

rise and shine at 4 am to get on a plane back to AL

how we spent most of our time waiting for the plane...always waiting for the plane

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