September 23, 2012

Birthday Party!

Another beautiful birthday party day!
cake i made for rachel
signing "off" - she didn't like the ribbon :(
saying "thank you"
 It's nearly impossible for me to get pictures of Rachel smiling. It's like she sees the camera and refuses to do it. There are so many times during the day where she smiles at me and is cute as heck and I wish I could capture it. So, while it seems like she wasn't all that happy at her party, she was. She just won't let me photograph her!


  1. 3! Happy Birthday Rachel, 3... when the heck did they become 3? She is sure turning into a real beauty! So Grown up with each passing month.

  2. Gorgeous cake Mag!! Rachel looks like she enjoyed herself

  3. I'm glad to see Rachel had an amazing party! It seems like just yesterday when she was born..
    I love seeing her grow and learn new things!


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