September 17, 2012

Family Weekend

We went to one of our favorite places this weekend - The Huntsville Botanical Garden. They are having their Scarecrow Trail this month and next month and I wanted to go see it. It was a beautiful day but we honestly didn't get to enjoy the scarecrows that much. It's hard to do that when you are constantly chasing after a little girl who doesn't understand the meaning of "stay with us." We managed to have a good time anyway though and the kids even got an impromptu dip in one of the little swimming holes that are still running. We also stopped in at the butterfly house. It is gorgeous in there right now and must be the season for butterflies or something because you couldn't walk two feet without running into one.

um, dada, this elmo scares us...

no, i wasn't going to eat this rock. why would you even suggest that?

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