October 23, 2012

Sick of Poop. Poop and Sick.

Rachel "came down" with croup on Thursday. Thursday night she coughed through the night and I thought it was just a cold. Kept her home from school on Friday and she still seemed ok. Friday night, well, different story. Put her down to sleep and at about 10 PM we heard her coughing and making that awesome barking noise. Stephen went in to calm her and noticed she couldn't catch her breath. He brought her into our room and I could see her chest suck in each time she inhaled. Yep, it was time to visit the ER. They dosed her up with a steroid and sent her home. She got an oral steroid on Saturday that she was supposed to take until Wednesday. Rachel had croup before when she was smaller but I don't remember it being this bad or her being this crazy on the steroid. Her mood swings would make any weight lifter shake their head! And is she hungry and thirsty! I had her go back to school today because she was acting great this morning but then I got a call saying she broke down crying and needed to come home. Luckily the Doctor said we could stop giving her the steroid tonight. I hope things go better tomorrow!

The other downside of the steroid is that Rachel's follow up with her GI got canceled. It needs to be rescheduled for a later date because steroids help improve intestinal inflammation and we can't do any tests if things are altered. I'm really, really upset about this. Her poop issues have been going on for what seems like forever now and waiting even longer to figure out what's wrong with her just makes my blood boil. I have seriously "googled" everything and anything that could be the reason for all of her stomach issues and I've looked at my pictures of poo than I ever thought possible. I am tired of it! Tired of poop, I tell you!

Rachel Flashback - 3 years ago this week - only as big as her Dada's hand.


  1. Aww. i remember it so well. so sorry abut the croup and rachel feeling yucky. love you all.

  2. I am so sorry! I hope they can reschedule it fast and you can get some answers :(

    My goodness she was so tiny!!


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