October 12, 2012

Update on Rachel

It's taken some time but we've gotten back all the results from Rachel's tests. Everything came back normal except her x-ray, which showed she had a lot of stool backed up, and one of her stool tests indicated some inflammation in her intestines. It was borderline high so they are going to retest her when she has her follow up on the 22nd. She's been on a high dose of Miralax (sigh) to clean her out and I think she had that clean out at school today. Those poor women. I was told that Rachel pooped and it went straight up to her shoulder blades. I can only hope this was the last time they will have to deal with anything out of the ordinary in that part of their day. I have to say I am disappointed that she is back on Miralax. I thought that we had her constipation under control by just monitoring her food but I guess I was mistaken.
In other news, from what I can tell, Rachel loves school. Loves it. I know it's just what she needs since she's such a busy-body. When I get her shoes on in the morning she goes to the door and waits by it for us to leave to get in the car. The bad news is that she won't nap at school so when she comes home she's done and we get crabby Rachel who throws tantrums on the floor as soon as it hits 5pm. Not fun.
Pretty sure this is the face I'll get when she's a teenager.
Little boy is STILL a terrible eater. Just flat out refuses to eat anything but crunchy cheerios, puffs or veggie straws or smooth purees or pieces of banana that I put into his mouth. It's getting really frustrating and I honestly don't know how to deal with this. We have reduced the amount of formula he's been getting in hopes that he'll eat more but that doesn't seem to be working. I think I would fall off my chair if the kid actually ate a whole 4 ounce jar of food in one sitting without any cajoling.
 But he will eat benches.
 And magnets.
 And leaves.

Here are a couple pictures from our Buddy Walk. The Chik-fil-A cow was there and Rachel had to hug him whenever she saw him.


  1. I can't believe how big Rachel's gotten! And Charlie too...
    maybe slather some peanut butter on the bench? haha!

  2. Awwww, Rachel is so grown up! Such a beauty! Can't wait to show Jack tomorrow! Lol. Sorry about the feeding woes with Charlie. As you know, we went through that with Jack too. I know it's frustrating but try to be patient. He will eat ... Eventually. We kept Jack on formula for a good while after his 1st bday for that very reason. Good luck with everything!

  3. I'm so glad you posted something finally! rachel girl looks so grownup. Love her long hair and barrett!


  4. I almost didn't recognize Rachel she looks so grown up. Pretty similar eating issues here too with Harrison, mealtime is such a struggle and he still refuses a bottle and I go to work soon so no nursing for him. I had hoped (and thought I deserved) a baby who savoured every mouthful of food as Elizabeth's eating or lack of drove me to near insanity. The only good thing I can say is now Elizabeth will eat almost anything so maybe the early picky eating will make for less picky child ( I am really hoping).


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