December 2, 2012

Rachel and the Booger Man Update

First up... Rachel. She had her follow up appointment with the GI doctor. They took more stool samples to check the inflammation. Her last sample had high inflammation. If it comes back high again, the doctor thinks it's allergies and then Rachel will be tested for allergies and also have an endoscopy. If the stool test comes back normal, he is leaning towards a sugar intolerance and she will be tested for that. I'm happy we have a direction but at the same time I'm scared nothing will come out of all of this and he'll send us on our merry way. We'll see what way we are headed by the end of next week when the test results come in.

Charlie, AKA booger, is having some intestinal issues of his own. He is already intolerant to diary and soy protein, but now we have added bananas to that list. Since bananas were one of the only finger foods he liked, this depresses me. At first I thought it had something to do with the beef puree meal he had since he vomited after having it. But then he did again the next night. We skipped a couple days without him vomiting (turns out it's because we had no bananas) but then again yesterday at lunch and today after he had some in the morning. I guess it just needed time to build up in his system to cause the issue. Just like what happens with milk. Crap.

Charlie is also going to be getting speech therapy like I figured he would. Hopefully we'll be able to coax some words out of this boy! If we are still dealing with feeding issues by the time he's 18 months, I will have him re-evaluated for OT. 

Thought you would enjoy this last picture. Rachel was exhausted last week one day after school. She slept from 2 until 6 in the evening!

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