February 20, 2010

The Family Guy Episode

Perhaps you saw the episode of Family Guy that centered around a girl with Down syndrome or perhaps you did not, but surely you've seen stuff on TV and online about Sarah Palin and her daughter throwing a fit about it. I have to say, I saw the episode and I thought it was great and so did many parents who have children with Down syndrome. There weren't any horrible jokes at this girl's expense but instead, the "message" of the show was that people with Down syndrome are just like everyone else (even if that means they are assholes sometimes). While driving up to PA with Stephen, I asked him who he thought was the voice for the girl on the show. He didn't know. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to Google it. Look what I found. -> GREAT STUFF. Enjoy.

P.S. Rachel hit 5 months yesterday! She is getting Baptised tomorrow and we have been spending the weekend with our family so I will have a bunch of pictures to post.

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