March 30, 2010

6 Month Pediatricians Appointment

First things first, Rachel does not have a tooth. Or, if she had a tooth, it went back up in to her gums. Whatever that white, hard thing was is now gone. Oh well, it was exciting while it lasted. Here she is in an outfit her grandma C. bought her. Look at the chub on the arms! I swear she doesn't look that chubby in person!

Feelin' Sneezy!

We went to the pediatricians on Monday for her 6 month check up. Even though Rachel was born early, they still go by her birth age for shots and check-ups. She received three shots. She screamed like usual. But the doctor also needed blood to follow up on some other things that she had done while in the hospital. This meant a lancet to her heel. This is really one of those things you wish you never have to go through. They stick a needle in her heel and squeeze and squeeze to get blood out. She was SO upset. It took F O R E V E R for the nurse to get the blood too because one of the lancets didn't break her skin and Rachel was fighting so hard to keep her away! She is 23 inches and 12 pounds, 7 ounces. The doctor was really happy with how she has grown. Well, her body is growing...her poor little head isn't very big. I mean, it's growing, but it's not even on any kind of growth chart (DS or normal). The only thing I want for her is to have her head stay in proportion to her body. This may be a selfish wish but I don't care.

Her grandpa C. is here for a visit. So far she kind of eyes him with a little concern but I'm sure once she gets older, he will completely win her over. He also bought her some new toys today. She really likes this thing called an "Oball." She only wishes she could fit it in to her mouth!


  1. She looks proportional to me! Love the oballs - so easy for them to grasp!

  2. She has the best outfits! I can't wait to hang out with you guys :)


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