March 24, 2010

All Things Rachel

Ever since Rachel came home, she has been battling reflux. She was put on one medication, then switched to Prevacid, then switched to Enfamil AR (added rice) formula, then her Prevacid was upped to the adult dose twice a day and now she has another medicine added to the mix. Her GI doctor said that if this medication didn't work, we would have to start doing some tests on Rachel. She has a follow-up with him in two weeks. She is just so miserable. She can't do any tummy time or else she just whines and cries the rest of the day. No fun for her, no fun for us! I just want her to be able to play on the ground like a "normal" child so whatever tests are needed to get to that point, we'll grin and bear them.

She has also been extra crabby because of what looks like a tooth coming in. Now, I have no idea what a tooth looks like when it is coming in but I have had two people who have had babies take a look at the "tooth" and they seem to think it is. We will know for sure on Monday when we visit her Pediatrician for her 6 month check up. Want to place your bet? Vote in the poll to the left!

She is now 23 inches and 12 pounds, 5 ounces! Yay! She is a big girl and I think she gets that all from her daddy. That is a good thing! It's funny because the Nurse at the GI doc put her weight on the normal baby chart at her birth age of 6 months. She was right at the 5% mark. That is awesome considering she should only be 4 months, was preemie and has DS! If you go by the fact that she should be 4 months, she falls in between the 10-20% for weight and 5-10% for length. I just find that amazing. Grow Rachel, grow!

Rachel LOVES to be outside or riding in the car. Her little face just lights up when I put her carseat in the backseat. She could be happy forever being pushed around in her stroller at the park. I know she is going to love running around in our backyard in the future!

She was visited by her EI therapist, Lisa, on Tuesday. She was still so very impressed with her social skills. No work needed there! (The pictures below are of her smiling at Stephen) She also said that Rachel was doing much better with her arms and reaching for things and even being seated she is starting to bear weight on her arms. That was nice to hear since Rachel hasn't been able to do much therapy due to her reflux. Her neck is starting to get tight on the one side again from lack of laying on the ground and we need to work on that. We don't want her cute little head to be tilted!


  1. Great job on being ahead of the curve there, cutie! Hope the reflux gets better soon. That can't be any fun :(

    Oh, and she looks fabulous in green!

  2. Wonderful catch-up growth! Good for you! :) Wish we could say the same here, lol...

    Love the green dress! Very festive!

    I hope you get the reflux stuff figured out. No fun! Especially if there's a tooth coming in. Piper has a little bump right behind her gums; I was horrified that it was a tooth already coming in in the completely wrong spot. It's been there for several months now, and no tooth, so we take that as a good thing and it's just some weird spot in her mouth. I'll be interested to see if she's getting one so soon! :)

  3. I think she is the best dressed baby I have ever seen!

  4. SHe is just precious! I love her little smile!

    I wish her relux wasn't so bad! Gosh I hope they find something to help her.

    That green dress is so pretty!

  5. Rachel is amazing and so are you! I love her outfit! so cute!


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