March 11, 2010

Let the PT Begin!

Tuesday, Lisa, the EI (Early Intervention) therapist came to the house to visit Rachel. It had been a month since she last saw her because of all of us getting sick. Now that Rachel is 3 months adjusted age, Lisa is really starting to look for Rachel to start moving and using her body certain ways. Rachel is still doing great lifting her head and her neck control while sitting up has improved greatly. She also isn't favoring turning her head to the right like she used to. She also let Lisa know when she was ready to stop the assessment! Her social skills are right on track. But, Lisa has noticed things that do need to be worked on and has suggested that it's time for a PT (Physical Therapist) to come to the house and work with Rachel on a regular basis. She wants Rachel to keep her momentum when it comes to her physical movements. Some of the things we need to work on with Rachel are reaching for toys, reaching her arms out while on her tummy which will help with crawling and continue working on her neck strength. She gave us some tips on how to help her with all these things.

Rachel is still young though and Lisa wasn't too worried. She expects Rachel to "notice" her hands and start reaching out for toys within the next couple weeks. Right now Rachel sees the toys and likes to study them but doesn't make that big of an attempt to reach for them or swat at them. She will hold them if we place them near her hands. She loves a cloth book that I bought her while we were in PA a couple weeks ago. It makes crinkly noises when she squeezes it and it has bright pictures of bugs. For some reason, she loves pictures of bugs. I think it has to do with the huge eyes they are given. Anyway, I am happy that we have this help for Rachel. I know it will benefit her greatly as she grows and starts to move. Can I tell you that I am ready for her to sit up on her own already. It will give her so much freedom!

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  1. My nephew loved that Busy Bee book too! And gosh, Rachel just gets cuter every picture you post! Glad to hear she's doing so well :)


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