June 24, 2010

Another Round of Doctor Visits

We spent the day at Brenner Children's Hospital today. First up was the follow up with her Surgeon. Rachel was in a good mood and played peek-a-boo with her blankie. She had fun trying to kick it off too.

Then she crinkled the paper on the exam table.

And played with daddy.

Dr. P. said she looked great and to come back in another three months, when she turns a year old. If all is well after that, we never had to see him again! Yay! He is a great guy but I will be happy to cross him off her list of doctors she sees regularly.

We had a little wait in between appointments and Rachel got a nap in. It was needed. She was totally out in Stephen's arms for 45 minutes.

Our next appointment was an ultrasound on her kidneys. She had one done three months ago and the doctor just wanted to see how they were doing. Then we went out to the waiting room to wait for our next doctor's appointment.

We met with the doctor after the ultrasound. As we waited, Rachel played with the paper on the exam table again.

When the doctor came in, we were told Rachel's kidneys were growing fine and that both were just about the same size. One was smaller than the other last time. She also said that there were some bright areas on them and I guess that means damage but they think it's just old damage (from the TPN) and that it will continue to get better. They put a bag on her to collect some urine but it leaked and now we have a bag here at home in case the doctor really needs a sample. Fun. Heck, we've collected poo, why not round it all out with pee? She also had some blood taken and we will hear back about that tomorrow. The woman who took her blood is a PRO. She was able to not only find a vein in Rachel's chubby arm, she didn't even make Rachel cry when she put the needle in. It was the most amazing thing I think we have ever seen!

At the end of the day, we were all tired. Rachel sacked out in the back of the car and Stephen dozed next to me as I drove us home. I am thankful we don't have another day like that for another three months.

P.S. have you noticed her tilt-a-head is back? We aren't sure what that is about but I guess more stretching is in her future. I thought we had beat it!

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