June 9, 2010


She still hates getting her picture taken

For Rachel, this last week has been one of amazing accomplishments (at least in my eyes). It seems like she grew up a months' worth right in front of my eyes: she's half out of her 6 month clothes and half in her 9 month clothes, she can hold and drink from her bottle for a little bit, she is eating solids and loves peas, carrots, green beans, pears and sweat potatoes, she even tries to grab the spoon and feed herself, she blows raspberries like they are going out of style, she figured out how to turn on to her stomach in her crib, she is getting her pudgy knees under her belly and is fighting to crawl, she loves to "swim", and sit and stand. Every second of the day I'm watching her and going " I can't believe she just did that!" One of her PT's came today to do a small evaluation and she was really impressed with Rachel and how far she has come. The PT commented to me that Rachel is "motivated." Yes, yes she is. Rachel doesn't want to sit still. She wants to move, she wants to see and she wants to try everything she can get her chubby little hands on. Putting a diaper on her is a wrestling match. I'm surprised I can get it on straight half the time. This little girl is everything I ever wanted in a child. If I could sum her up in one word it would be - spirited. I know that will come back to bite me as she gets older, but right now I'm thrilled.

Her uncle Mike and aunt Mer gave Rachel this learning table as her Baptism gift back in February. Just a couple days ago she realized that if she hit the keys she would get music. But she doesn't just continually hit the keys, she will strike once and wait with her hand in mid-air until the song is done playing and only then will she'll hit it again.

Ever since we brought Rachel home she has been fascinated with our entertainment system and center. Now that she knows she can move, she likes to roll herself over to it and kick buttons with her feet and as in these pictures, use a toy to hit the buttons.

Never thought I would be so excited to see our baby hit our electronics.


  1. Spirited, beautiful, and fun Fun FUN!! What a girl, your Rachel. <3

  2. It's always great to hear news about Rachel! She's such a blessing and a beautiful little girl!
    Keep it up baby!

  3. Kicking electronics is fun! It makes noise... Mom and Dad make noise... Who could ask for more??? Have you tried babysmash? Piper LOVES it. You can google it and download for free. If she likes to bang things, it sure is fun!

    You asked about Piper's straps on her shirts. They actually fit pretty well by themselves, but she's also in 3 month shirts still. She's about 2" longer than they say they're for, but some of them still look pretty big on her. I think it just happens to work out! :)

  4. She's so cute Mags!!! And changing so much, so quickly!! I'm so proud of all that she's doing...it's awesome!! Can't wait to see you guys soon (hopefully sometime kinda soon)...I need to give you a call here sometime and see if we can work something out to get together. I've been a temporary single Mom more here lately, by myself for the week (Eric's been traveling more for work)...so I've had my hands full. I'll try and call this weekend!!
    I do have to tell you, in the last pic w/her activity table, there's something about her that looks so much like Stephen (except obviously way cuter hahahaha, no offense Stephen, you're "cute" too). Love you guys!!

  5. She is just so cute! That last pic of her with the activity table.. she looks sad that the music stopped.

    She is growing so fast! Isn't it amazing?

    So her and my girls are in the same size clothes... hmmmm.


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