June 1, 2010

Elton John Has Nothing On Her

More on Elton in a bit...but first, have your ever collected poop and put it in to a container? We've had to do just that. Our pediatrician ordered stool testing to be done on Rachel's poo because of the diarrhea she's had the last couple of weeks. We received three vials last week for her to fill. Yeah, we never realized how little Rachel actually poops until we had to fill up three vials. Of course, Rachel also likes to poo in the early morning hours so by the time we get to it, it's already mostly soaked in to the diaper. We got two vials full and turned in last week and the results came back ok. We turned in the last vial today. If all is well with that one, we will just chalk up the weird poo to her new formula and resume solids again (which I'm really excited to do, strangely). I'm thinking green beans...Rachel has really been in a wonderful mood this week. Going by that information, she must have been feeling pretty crappy for a couple of weeks in a row before she got really sick two weekends ago with her fever. She smiles and talks constantly. She moves like no ones business either. She will be sitting on my leg and all of a sudden take a dive forward like she can walk and fully expects to walk. She loves when we hold her belly down and swing her from side to side. This girl is a daredevil and is going to be TROUBLE when she figures our how to crawl or walk. And I'm going to say whatever comes first because I wouldn't put it past her to just walk and bypass crawling - it's soooo beneath her! Ha!

On to Elton John...

Yeah, these were the only sunglasses that I could find to fit her little head. They are a tad bit wide on her face but they fit and she really could care less about having them on. She never tried to yank them off. I figure she needs to get used to having something on her face because, let's be honest, her dad can't see without specs, her mom is basically blind and Rachel has Ds which throws everything in her favor for getting glasses in the future. I'm sorry Rachel, I swear we will get you glasses that look MUCH better than these! But still....you have to laugh at how cute she still is!


  1. OMG the sunglasses are adorable! She is such a cutey patootey! I could eat her up!

    I have never collected poop in a vial, but I can't imagine it is easily done. I hope the 3rd vial comes back "ok"

  2. Love these photos...the glasses are super cute!

  3. Hilarious!! Watch out Elton- this little one absolutely has you beat.
    In Him,


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