February 13, 2011

Back Home!

By Saturday afternoon, I think the staff at the hospital could tell we were done being there. The resident on duty came in and said she would get the paperwork rolling. By 2:30 p.m. we were back at home where we belong! Rachel was super happy to be able to get on the ground and crawl and roll around on the carpet. She also missed her toys and was super happy to see her doggies too. Daddy gave her a post-hospital bath which was badly needed. Check out our little Ed Grimly.

Too bad this morning Daddy had to leave to go back to Huntsville. Tomorrow, Rachel and I will travel to the pediatrician to make sure she is still getting better. She still sounds pretty junky. I am hoping her oxygen stats will be good and that her lungs will sound better. Going back to the hospital would not be welcomed at all!


  1. Looks like she sure is enjoying that bath.
    Glad she is doing better.

  2. So great to see her home and happy! Yipeee!

    Nava did 3!!! rounds of antibiotics last month trying to fend this off. I was so sick as well, I felt I'd never see the end of the snot. And gurgling in the night...

    Bring on spring and the end of cold season, eh?

  3. so glad you're home! Hope all went well at the peds

  4. Sorry to hear she was in the hospital.
    Post hospital bathes are SO needed, it is so nasty in there.
    Welcome home.


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