February 2, 2011


Don't let this sweet face fool you.
 This girl is capable of getting in to some trouble.
Today she...
dug out dirt from the plants in the house,
crawled under the bed and got stuck,
threw a number of items through the gate and the top of the stairs so they would tumble down,
got in to the laundry hamper and put my clothes in to the tub,
and ate a barrette. I think. I can't find it but I'm pretty sure Rachel thought it was tasty.


  1. All in a days work. She looks like quite a mischevious one.

  2. She has sweet face!

    She sounds as busy as the girls!

  3. Somehow I don't believe you that she did all that stuff ... I mean come on ... look at that sweet child you have there! She couldn't possibly have done all that naughty stuff!! ;-)


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