August 7, 2011

5 Days

Yep, in 5 days we will meet our little boy. Everything has taken much longer as far as planning for him, decorating the room and even naming him. But, I think we are finally ready. Well, as ready as you can be when you are expecting a baby! Here are pictures of his room. While he won't be spending much time in there the first month or so, it's nice to know it's completed and I won't have to find the time, with two kids, to finish it. Who needs that stress?! :)

We bought this rocker for $30 on craigslist. Stephen refinished it and painted it black and a lady from our local Ds group recovered the cushions for it!
Here are a couple pictures of Rachel's mini room makeover. It includes a new rug, a new pillow and the decals on the walls.
It's hard to see but there are pistachio colored spirals too....
And of course, I have to leave you with some cute pics of our girl. She makes my heart smile.


  1. Love all of the decor, for both rooms and your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations and good luck with everything! I hope that day five is one of the best days of your lives!

  2. Great rooms! Cant believe it is time!

    Kristin was pointing at Rachel as I read this, she likes the duck! "Baby has duckie!"


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