October 12, 2011

This Little Piggy

2 Months Old
Weighs 14 pounds! The kid went from 8 to 14 pounds in 8 weeks. From 50% for weight to 95%. I think he's going to be tall like his dada.

What's over there?

All this adoration makes me sleepy...
His appointment with the GI doc went well on Monday. The doctor gave us samples of Neocate formula to try. It's super expensive but completely milk protein free. So far the formula seems to working in the fact that he is no longer pooping his brains out or crying or being super hard to put down for a nap. BUT it is making him constipated or giving him more solid poos than he's used to because he is not happy when he has to go. I think that will rectify itself in time though. If not, we have lots of Miralax because Rachel uses it! These kids already share reflux medicine, why not stool softener too?

Still messing with the buttons on the TV
Speaking of Rachel, every day she becomes more and more of a little person. She now tells us what she would like to eat. If she sees grapes on her plate and she's eating a hot dog, she will no longer be content to eat the hot dog until I give her some grapes. She will put down that hot dog and point to the grapes and make the sign for "more" until I give her some. She squeals with laughter and the cutest things and she will come run into our arms for a hug. I love seeing her chug it down the hall to land in my arms. She has really been working on figuring out her toys and initiating playtime with us. Rachel will bring a toy over to us, even if we are in another room, if she wants us to play with her. She can build a kick-butt tower of blocks. She's learning to try different holes in her shape sorter if the block doesn't fit into the first one she tries. She used to just keep trying to jam it in that one hole. Rachel also loves to go outside. If you get her shoes out, she knows what's happening next. She would run around the neighborhood if you let her. I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas and Easter. Each year with her is just more amazing. I look forward to seeing her grow as the years move along.
The shirt says "Daddy's Girl" but she has my heart.


  1. Oh congratulations on the birth of Charlie! He is precious! I hope all is going well as a family of 4! xoxoxoox

  2. Is Charlie yours? LOL he doesn't look anything like you! LOL Wow! Genes! he is precious!

    Rachel is getting cuter and cuter too! It amazed me when the girls started telling me what they wanted to eat. I like it now cause I can say do you want milk or water and get an answer. That rocks!


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